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Nasaret International Hospital
Modern, Korean, and Integrative Functional Medicine cooperative system
    Health Promotion Center    Center Introduction
Center Introduction

Modern Medicine + Korean Medicine + Integrated Functional Medicine A high-class Health Promotion Center with a cooperative treatment system that take cares of life long health

Nasaret International Hospital’s Health Promotion Center is equipped with advanced equipment and various screening programs for the treatment of various cancers and the prevention of vascular diseases. From the early detection of diseases to comprehensive examinations, a systematic check-up is undertaken. Post-management for the results is also guarenteed.

Features of the Health Promotion Center

  • Cooperative Treatment System

    Through the Korea’s first Modern Medicine + Korean Medicine + Integrated Functional Medicine cooperative treatment, high-quality medical care service is thoroughly provided. All examinations are ran parallel with the Korean medicine pulse analysis (maekjeon), meridian system functioning, and sasang constitution examination.

  • Specialized health care service

    Customized medical examinations are provided accordingly to the requests and the characteristics of the examinee. Specialized medical checkups for digestive system, women, men, cardiovascular system, smoker, adolescent, stroke, and family are all customized medical examinations and various specialized health care services are provided.

  • Diagnosis-Examination-Treatment One Stop service

    When health risk factors or diseases are discovered after the examination, reservation with a complete medical checkup and treatment associated with the corresponding diagnosis center is offered in a ONE STOP service.