About us

A leader in the provision of global medical services offering an integrated medical system fusing modern & Korean traditional medicine, in Korea and beyond!

Having begun in Nasaret Korean Traditional Medicine Hospital,
Nasaret International Hospital has 35 years of extensive medical experience bringing under one roof all the professionals required to offer patients the full range of one-stop medical services: covering everything from medical checkups to emergency medical services and from surgery to rehabilitative therapies.

Through our 8 major medical service centers; The Cerebrovascular Center, The Joint & Spine Center, The Medical Examination Center, The Emergency Medicine Center, etc., we provide exclusive medical services to our patients. Emergency medicine specialists are always present, 24/7 ready to offer a prompt and effective diagnosis and treatment to emergency patients suffering from acute diseases or accidents.

In addition, it is popular with international patients due to its geographically advantageous location in Songdo International City. International patients from Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Mongolia, Eastern Europe and Central Asian countries, as well as the United States, China, Japan, Germany and Australia have visited Nasaret International Hospital and successfully received a variety of treatments, surgeries and rehabilitative therapies based on our excellent integration of modern & Korean traditional medicine.

Nasaret International Hospital has strengthened its provision of one-stop medical services offering international patients transportation, etc. to offer high quality medical services. It has also introduced multilingual medical care and administrative services at the International Medical Service Cooperation Center.

With our advanced modern, Korean traditional and integrative functional medical technology, and looking beyond Incheon and Korea, Nasaret International Hospital strives to become the leading provider of medical services in the global market.