Global Insurance

Are you a global / Korean National medical insurance subscriber?

I have a global insurance

To find out whether your guarantee of payment is provided by your international insurance to Nasaret international hospital, contact SOS International or Global Assistance Partners GAP (Overseas Insurance Agency). These third party assistances will be going to give you a hand to find your insurance company. Only if SOS or GAP provided your guarantee of payment (GOP) to our hospital, you do not need to pay for the medical expenses at the hospital. This is because your insurance company will take invoice from our hospital and cover your medical expenses instead.

* However, for any medical documents such as doctor's medical certificate, MRI, MRA, CT etc. must be paid directly by the patient at the hospital on the day.

For further details, please contact the website below :
I have other private insurance but no Korean national health insurance.

If you have any insurance, please ask your insurance company the coverage prior to your visit. Your insurance company will cover your medical fee under their insurance contract with you. If you send your invoice about your medical consultation and treatment from a hospital, your insurance company will reimburse you afterwards. Please visit 2nd floor for your medical document before you leave Nasaret International Hospital.

I have a Korean national health insurance.

If the patient is covered by the Korean National Health Insurance either by employment insurance or Korean local insurance, patients pay the same amount of cost as Koreans do.