Rehabilitation Center

The Rehabilitation & Exercise Manual Therapy Center comprises the rehabilitation treatment room, the physical therapy room, the exercise manual therapy room, the occupational therapy room and the language therapy room. We have a team of top specialists from each field and these specialists carefully analyze and evaluate the patient’s characteristics to apply appropriate treatment programs, aid functional recovery and a rapid return to daily life. Language therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy

Exercise Manual Therapy

scoliosis lordosisㆍkyphosis, angular limb deformities (bowed legs), non-surgical treatment of waist & neck discs, non-surgical treatment, muscle strengthening after spinal discectomy, forward head posture (FHP)

The specialty of Exercise Manual Therapy
  • A fundamental treatment for spinal and musculoskeletal patients
  • Prevents recurrence by maintaining the correct posture after treatment
  • Cosmetic body shape correction for growing young people or women
Indications for Exercise Manual Therapy
  • Scoliosis
  • LordosisㆍKyphosis
  • Angular limb deformities (bowed legs)
  • Non-surgical treatment of waist & neck discs, non-surgical treatment
  • Muscle strengthening after spinal discectomy
  • Forward head posture (FHP)
Exercise Manual Therapy Center for non-surgical therapy

A knee joint regeneration therapy that treats for arthritis of the knees while keeping the natural knee joint; Stem Cell Therapy!

Allogenic Umbilical Cord Blood derived, knee-joint regeneration, Stem Cell treatment is a new concept in treatment that separates mesenchymal stem cells from the allogenic Umbilical Cord Blood (human umbilical cord), cultures it and mixes it with polymer to induce cartilage regeneration in one surgery and so treat cartilage diseases such as degenerative osteoarthritis or osteoarthritis caused by repetitive trauma.

Based on clinical experience of surgery to the leg, Nasaret International Hospital maximizes the effectiveness of treatments for degenerative arthritis by simultaneously using stem cell therapy.

Exercise Manual Therapy
Orthopedic Manual & physical therapy This treats the fundamental cause by correcting the posture and resolving the areas that have become stiffened due to muscular tension by using an accurate analysis and diagnosis of the cause along with the therapies offered by rehabilitative and manual specialists.
Spinal thrust technic This treatment uses the latest equipment and an organic approach to pain, at a variety of sites, caused by spine imbalances that result from abnormal posture. Thus we can correct the spine’s positioning.
ATM This treatment is used when the patient feels pain in their waist or shoulders. If the patient feels pain when bending or arching their waist, tie a rope around the patient’s to induce security, let the patient repeat the action and assist him/her not to feel pain. If this therapy is practiced repeatedly, the patient will feel less pain.
Walking Traction This therapy makes the patient walk while puling the spine up, allowing the patient to walk without pain and stimulating the spinal muscles.
Sling exercise therapy This therapy makes the patient put their weight on a rope so that he/she can correct their posture by balancing his/her body and exercise in a relaxed posture. This advanced therapy corrects the spine and induces better posture.
Spiral MAX-D Decompression Movement Spine Traction Therapy This treatment applies the principle of decompression in the state of weightlessness with the principle of spiral motion for treating muscles and joints.
Chiropractic table This is the latest rehabilitative orthodontic treatment device for applying chiropractic techniques (a treatment that applies strong pressure for short multiple period) to spinal diseases and scoliosis.
Angular limb deformity retainer (STYLEX) This is a therapeutic exercise machine that corrects legs back to their normal shape, fixing bowed legs or knock knees to an appropriate form for the shape of the individual’s body.
3D Balance Training (exercise program) This training strengthens the muscles around the spine, one of the most important muscle groups for maintaining our bodies. The program helps maintain the body’s balance and stability.
CO2 Cryogenic Cooling Spray Therapy

Liquefied CO2 cooling gas (minus 78 degrees Celsius, high pressure, shock wave vibration) is applied to the affected area to reduce the treatment site temperature to c.30 degrees reducing pain and inflammation.

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    Any indications can be seen such as
    • Tennis elbow
    • Calcific tendinitis
    • Golfer’s elbow
    • Pain the soles of the feet
    • Pain in the Achilles tendon
    • Rheumatic arthritis
    • Sports injury trauma
    • Tendon & ligament inflammation, Ankle · Waist sprain
    • For a quick recovery after surgery