Stem Cell Center

Stem Cell Center Nasaret International Hospital’s Stem Cell Center practices ethical treatments based on the natural order that respects humanity. This center will contribute to the treatment of intractable diseases and the promotion of health.

  • MD Jung Yong Gap Chief of Spine Center
    Areas of Specialized Practice

    Artificial arthroplasty, leg correction surgery, sports injury in knee joints, arthroscopy (knee, shoulder), non-surgical exercise therapy

  • MD Lee Kyung Hoon Orthopedist
    Areas of Specialized Practice

    Hip-joint diseases, knee-joint diseases, limb fractures & trauma
    Arthroscopic surgery (knee-joints, shoulder-joints, hip-joints), diagnosis & treatment of osteoporosis

  • MD Seo Bo Kyung Orthopedist
    Areas of Specialized Practice

    Cold shoulders, prosthetic shoulder-joints, shoulder-joint arthroscopy, knee osteoarthritis, knee-joint arthroscopy, prosthetic knee-joints, osteoporosis, sports injuries

  • MD Ki Young Mun
    Areas of Specialized Practice

    Rotator cuff tear, adhesive capsulitis of shoulders, shoulder dislocation and unstable arthroscopy (shoulder, knee, wrist), arthroplasty, shoulder joint, carpal joint, hip, knee, foot disease, Osteoporosis, fracture and sports injury

Stem Cell Treatment for Knee-joints

A knee joint regeneration therapy that treats arthritis of the knees while keeping the natural knee joint; Stem Cell Therapy!

Allogenic Umbilical Cord Blood derived, knee-joint regeneration, Stem Cell treatment is a new concept in treatment that separates mesenchymal stem cells from the allogenic Umbilical Cord Blood (human umbilical cord), cultures it and mixes it with polymer to induce cartilage regeneration in one surgery and so treat cartilage diseases such as degenerative osteoarthritis or osteoarthritis caused by repetitive trauma.

Based on clinical experience of surgery to the leg, Nasaret International Hospital maximizes the effectiveness of treatments for degenerative arthritis by simultaneously using stem cell therapy.

Advantages of Stem Cell Treatment
  • 01 Can treat degenerative osteoarthritis or osteoarthritis caused by repetitive trauma in one surgical procedure.
  • 02 Can offer certain therapeutic effects through selecting the optimum cell from the stem cells separated from the umbilical cord blood.
  • 03 As the cell is separated from the allogenic umbilical cord blood and cultured, there is no change in effectiveness due to the patients’ age, disease or nutrition condition.
  • 04 Can be collected and applied immediately when needed without requiring a culturing period.

Nasaret International Hospital’s Stem Cell Center is researching and treating to provide hope and happiness for patients suffering from intractable diseases that are beyond specialized treatment.