Medical equipment

“For our patients’ health and happiness” Nasaret International Hospital introduces the latest medical equipment to provide high quality medical services.

The latest MRI (2ea)

  • This has a higher definition and a signal that is twice as strong as a conventional MRI allowing us to survey the body’s microstructure more precisely.
  • It allows us to diagnose the affected area quickly.


  • This can capture 128 high definition videos within 0.35 sec., and takes just 9.4 sec. to capture the whole body
  • It can accurately diagnose tumors that are as small as 0.6mm, which is difficult with conventional CT
  • Its spacious entry & exit areas make it easier for claustrophobic patients and children to be examined
  • Its sliding table, that can be moved left and right, enables selective examinations on the affected side only, and ultimately reduces the radiation dose by 45%.

Epiduroscopy equipment

  • This is the latest full endoscope equipment widely used in global medical services.
  • It minimizes skin incisions and by using local, not general anesthesia, it reduces postoperative pain and side effects and shortens the recovery period

The latest gastrointestinal endoscope

  • This is highly effective in diagnosing micro lesions in the stomach, the colon and the esophagus.
  • It allows a more precise examination and better diagnosis by allowing a close observation of those mucosa and capillaries in the narrow part of the digestive system that are difficult to examine with older equipment
  • It reduces both the length of the examination and the patient’s pain

Cardiovascular Ultrasound System

  • This can examine patients of all ages, from the new born to pregnant woman.
  • It offers clear images and a rapid data processing speed allowing for accurate diagnosis.

Mammography device

  • World’s first Mammography device which obtained FDA and KFDA approval
  • It provides 2D & 3D images simultaneously enabling accurate screening of micro lesions.
  • Its rapid scanning speed (under 5 sec.) minimizes the patients’ discomfort.

Spiral Decompression exercise therapeutic equipment

  • This is designed to perform one-sided manual-orthodontic treatment in 36 directions based on the direction of intervertebral disc, which makes it possible to treat the TARGET POINT based on CT and MRI results.
  • Exercise therapy is available in all areas, front-back-left-right, wherever joints can move, delivering the most effective treatment.

The most accurate CT scanner of 320 channel system for cardiac diagnosis

  • Exposure rate reduced up to 75%
  • Ultra-fine scanning of heart lesion from 2mm and up to 160mm
  • Acquisition of 640 HD image slices just in a rotation of scanning