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16 Be on the lookout if your family has history of high blood pressure or diabetes [고혈압·당뇨 가족력 있다면 서두르세요] 관리자 2019.08.20 936
15 Nasaret International Hospital selected as designated hospital by Incheon Military Manpower Administration [인천병무청, 나사렛국제병원 지정병원 선정] 관리자 2019.08.20 1020
14 Be suspicious of numb hands and shoulder pains [손 저림·어깨 통증 심하면 의심해봐야] 관리자 2019.08.20 973
13 Excessive exercise and diet- a call for muscle damage [무리한 운동·살빼기 근육손상 부른다] 관리자 2019.08.20 1027
12 Nasaret International Hospital to Offer Children's CPR Training [나사렛국제병원, 어린이 심폐소생술 교육 실시] 관리자 2019.08.20 1062
11 Beer belly with no beer? Watch out for liver health [술 마시지 않아도 통통하다면 ‘간 건강’ 살피세요] 관리자 2019.08.20 996
10 Hemorrhoids make my business difficult [용변 볼 때마다 말 못할 고통… 항문이 괴로워!] 관리자 2019.08.20 961
9 Nasaret International Hospital receives No. 1 in Adequate Pneumonia Assessment in 2019 [나사렛국제병원, 2019년 폐렴적정성평가 최우수 1등급 획득] 관리자 2019.08.20 974
8 Pollen is in the air, allergies for me to bear [꽃가루 휘날리면 간질간질~ 괴로워] 관리자 2019.08.20 959
7 Prolonged exposure to air pollution can lead to coronary artery spasms [대기오염 오래 노출되면 관상동맥 경련까지 유발] 관리자 2019.08.20 956