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Vascular pain and skin ulcers can cause complications if untreated [일상생활에 문제 없다고 방치하다간 혈관통증·피부궤양 등 합병증 유발]

Leg varicose veins with bumpy blood vessels protruding from the leg is a disease that is increasing every year, affecting one in four adults.
Varicose vein is a disease caused by the inability of the valve in the vein to regulate blood flow to the heart. When the pressure in the lower extremity increases, the vein wall weakens, damaging the valve, and blood flowing back to the heart, causing the valve to expand and protrude out of the skin.

# Jobs that require sitting or standing for an expanded period of time are at an increased risk of varicose veins

Varicose veins are more common in women than in men, and many of them occur in long-term standing or sitting occupations such as teachers, salesmen, and office workers. Generally, family members with varicose veins or being obese and lack of exercise are known to increase the risk of varicose veins.

Representative symptoms include leg varicose veins if the legs are easily tired and feel heavy, leg swelling, numbness, and pain during early morning. However, it is not easy to receive treatment at the beginning because it does not cause great inconvenience in daily life.

However, putting off treatment can make the disease worse due to skin ulcers and vascular pain. Once an area in a damaged vein is not cured and can't be regenerated, it is a good idea to seek aggressive treatment when the initial symptoms appear.
# Get appropriate treatment according to your symptoms

For varicose vein treatment, intravenous ultrasonography examines blood flow in the blood vessels, accurately identifying the underlying site of development and determine the direction of blood flow to proceed with appropriate treatment.

In the early stages, when you see only thin lines, you can lie down before bed and raise your legs above your heart or wear compression stockings. It helps tcirculate veins by compressing the ankles, knees, and thighs.

In addition, if the symptoms of protruding coarse blood vessels are severe, surgery may be performed to remove abnormal varicose veins using drug sclerotherapy, which induces blood flow to other veins, or laser or radio-frequency waves.

# The gap must move during work

Above all, varicose vein is a disease that appears over a long time, so it is best to prevent it by taking on the right lifestyle. Avoid sitting cross-legged when sitting down, regular exercise, proper diet, and clothes that are good for blood circulation rather than tight clothes. Also, if you have to stand or sit for a long time, move about 5 to 10 minutes an hour to avoid the same posture for a long time.

Written with the help of Dr. Oh Young Shik, General Surgery Dept., Nasaret International Hospital
Original article by Kiho Ilbo
2018 Jun 27


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