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Ignoring numbing wrist pains can lead to 'paralysis' [찌릿찌릿 손목통증 방치하면 ‘마비’ 위험]

# Frequent use of smart phones and carpal tunnel syndrome

According to the data of the Korea Health Insurance Review & Assessment Service, 17,763 patients visited the hospital with carpal tunnel syndrome, an increase of 83% compared to 2007 (95,622). The number of patients increased 80% in 10 years. Among them, female patients in their fifties were the largest, accounting for 57,865 people, one third of all patients, proving to be another disease to watch out for.

On the other hand, carpal tunnel syndrome is a common disease among office workers these days. Known to be a housewife disease from manual laundry, the illness is appearing among office workers who use various devices such as computer mice. Therefore, the increase in patients in their 20s and 30s is also alarming (16,214 in 2010, 21,143 in 2016).

# The most common symptom is pain

The most common symptom of carpal tunnel syndrome is stale pain. Pain and numbness make it difficult to use utensils such as chopsticks and pick up things. Static-like sensations is also a common symptom.

Office workers who use devices for long periods of time, those who enjoy excessive movement in the hands and arms, driving for extended periods of time also appears to be factors. In some cases, symptoms can appear in both hands even if only one hand is affected.

Frequent use of the wrist causes the carpal tunnel formed by the bones and ligaments beneath the skin in front at the wrist to narrow or increase in pressure, causing stress on the median nerve. This causes paresthesia and pain in the palms and fingers. Symptoms of pain and numbness can spread to the palm and fingers.

# Avoid excessive position on the wrist

For accurate treatment, the cause must be identified through X-ray, electromyography, and ultrasound. Treatment methods and duration vary depending on the cause of pain. Initially, a wrist protector can be used along with simple medication, but if the pain is severe and numbness is present, surgery should be performed.

# Your daily wrist care is important

Avoiding excessive stress on your wrists, such as lying on your back and lying down on your arms, can help reduce the amount of time you spend using your hands repeatedly. If you use a lot of computers, you can adjust the height of the mouse and keyboard so that you do not bend your wrists. It's also a good idea to stretch your wrist frequently and do a warm massage before bed.

Written with the help of Dr. Yoon Tae Bong, Head of Joint Center, Nasaret International Hospital
Original article by Kiho Ilbo
2018 Jun 13


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